Beman ICS Hunter Pro Camo Arrows with Blazer Vanes 6pk

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MSRP: $75.99
Price: $39.95
You Save: $36.04 (47 %)
Item Number: Beman ICS Hunter Pro Camo Arrows w/Blazer
Manufacturer: Beman
Manufacturer Part No: 119358/tf,919359/tf,719360/tf,519361/tf
UPC: 727126193583,727126193590,727126193606,727126193613


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Fletched Arrows come full length with Inserts and Nocks included

Get the hot look of Realtree® camo weave and the blistering speed of Beman's most advanced lightweight carbon. New ICS Hunter Pro comes equipped with the Microlite™ S Nocks and ViBrake Hot Tail inserts - giving bowhunters a flat, accurate trajectory and hard hitting downrange impact.

  • Straightness: ± .002"
  • PhotoFusionTM camo weave
  • Direct-fit Microlite S Nock—installed
  • ViBrake Inserts—included
  • Compatible with ViBrake Nocks (sold separately)

Arrow cutting chart 

Shaft Selector

ICS Hunter Pro

Arrow Size 300 340 400 500
Weight (grains/inch) 9.6 8.8 8.1 7.5
RSP Point (inch) 9/32  9/32  9/32  9/32

Shaft Preparation

Cut shafts to length using only a high-speed abrasive wheel cut-off tool designated for arrow shafts. Never use rotary tube cutters, a hacksaw or methods that can damage the shaft and leave a rough cut.
Lightly chamfer the inside of the shaft, just enough to remove any burrs.
Thoroughly clean the inside of the shaft with a cotton swab wetted with 91% to 99% isopropyl alcohol (not rubbing alcohol, which can contain oil).

CAUTION: Always wear a NIOSH approved dust mask and safety glasses when cutting any arrow shafts. Be sure to use a dust collector to vacuum up all of the dust when cutting arrow shafts.

For C2 Carbon Shafts

Easton or AAE brand epoxy or 3M DP390 24-hour cure flexible two-part epoxies are recommended.
Apply a small ring of adhesive, just inside the end of the shaft and a generous coating on the entire shank of the point or insert.
Slowly twist the point or insert into shaft and seat it against end of shaft.
Wipe off any excess adhesive with a cloth or paper towel. Stand the shaft vertically on the point or insert to cure. Be sure epoxy does notflow into insert threads.
This is a permanent installation, and inserts cannot be removed without damaging the shaft.

Carbon Shafts UNI Bushing Installation

AAE Fastset or other gel-type cyanoacrylate cements are recommended.
Apply a thin ring of adhesive completely around the inside diameter of the shaft within 1⁄16” from the open end.
Insert UNI Bushing and quickly seat completely against end of shaft.
Stand shaft with UNI Bushing upright.

HIT Insert Components

See shaft preparation and assembly instructions packaged with HIT equipped models. Use Easton brand HIT 24-hour epoxy.

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