Bowfishin Reel: Combine Your Passions

Although a lot of outdoor enthusiasts take part in a number of activities, we know that there are some people who only archery hunt or only fish. Although there are obvious differences between the two sports, when you break it down, there are actually a number of similarities. Let's take a look at archery: First you need to carefully scout the woods to see if you can find an appropriate sport. Then you have to set up either a tree stand or a hunting blind so that you can keep a keen eye out for game. Once you see the game, you have to stealthily prepare your weapon and then let the arrow loose. Once the arrow hits its mark, you either have your kill or you may have to track it through the woods.

For fishing, first you must designate the appropriate spot for the type of fish you are after. Then you either navigate your boat, drive to the shoreline, or wade into position. Then you select which rod and tackle you feel would best attract your catch. Next, you have to cast your lure into the appropriate location and patiently wait. Once you feel the fish start nibbling at the bait, you have to set the hook and finally fight the fish until you land it in the boat or net. These processes do sound very similar and if you've only tried one activity, perhaps you will want to consider trying the other. If you are an avid fan of both hobbies, have you ever tried both at the same?

You can fish and archery hunt at the same time?

Yes you can! And no, we aren't talking about casting a line into a pond while keeping a bow at your feet just in case a twelve point buck walks by. What we are referring to is Bowfishing. Bowfishing is a sport that combines the knowledge of fishing with the accuracy and aim of archery hunting. In order to participate in this activity, you need a bow, a compound or recurved bow will do, a special Bowfishing Reel, a special site, and arrows with unique tips that won't release the fish when you are reeling it in. can help you find the Bowfishing Reel that is ideal for your particular situation. You can also find a number of other accessories so that you can be ready to go for your fishing trip all in stop. A Bowfishing Reel attaches right to your bow near the sight. When you fire the arrow, the line comes out and trails the arrow. Once you've hit the fish, you can use the Bowfishing Reel right on your bow to start bringing the fish in.

Before you head out on your first Bowfishing trip, make sure that you check with the fishing regulations in your area so that you know you are following the laws of the land. We hope you enjoy your Bowfishing Reel and your first Bowfishing experience.