Brownell "B-50" Dacron Bowstring

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Price: $15.95
Item Number: Brownell B-50 Dacron Bowstring
Manufacturer: Brownell
Manufacturer Part No: fa-tdbl-b50-14


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Synthetic superiority with excellent abrasion resistance. Durable and consistent it has been the standard for Traditional bows since 1944. .018 diameter.
* Colors available - Black or Light Cedar
* 1/4 lb. Spool

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Tim (Boulder) 12/31/2012 8:50 PM
I make a lot of bow strings using twelve different colors of Brownell B-50 dacron. It stretches somewhat, but that’s expected. However, when used in multi-color bowstring twists, the Brownwll Red color of B-50 bleeds all over other string colors. It bleeds onto light colored bow nocks, too. Ugly problem, indeed. So, I sent my spool of red Brownell B-50 back to the Brownell company explaining the problem I was having (even sent them a sample bowstring that I had made up with the red color showing the situation). Via email and with a letter enclosed I asked them if this problematic red spool of mine represented the norm with their B-50. Their response was a slight to me, to say the least. The only thing the Brownell company did was to send my old spool back to me with neither letter nor explanation (?). I would say that it most certainly appears that the Brownell company has absolutely no concern over any quality variations in what they sell. What a disappointment. Especially when you are using their materials for something as important as a properly functioning bowstring (!) I have switched over to another manufacturer’s dacron/polyester bow string material and have solved the bleeding red problem that I was having with the Brownell stuff. This new company seems to care about quality control, too, and that’s nice for both me and my bow string customers. I think other bow string makers should be informed of this company’s attitude.