Detex Deerfly Patches 4/pk.

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Price: $3.95
Item Number: Detex Deerfly Patches
Manufacturer: Detex

Deerfly Patches are 2" by 6" flesh-colored traps which attach to the back of the cap or hat. Attacking deerflies land on the patch. When they do, they stay. The deerflies are no longer a nuisance flying around your head or biting.

Deerfly Patches have been field tested by Ohio State University, The North American Hunting Club, and the Michigan Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. All were impressed by them and recommend them. People like them because they have absolutely no smell, no chemicals, nothing greasy to rub or spray on your skin.

We have studied deerflies intensively for nearly thirty years and have done extensive research and testing on their biting habits.  We have read all of the university studies.  We have tested all insect repellents....they don't work effectively on deerflies.  In the development of our Deerfly Patches, We have tested and proven different habits of the deerfly to determine why they bite some people more than others.  We have experimented with carbon dioxide emissions, heat emissions, motion and non-motion, clothing colors, reflective objects, smooth and furry surfaces, body odors, as well as environmental conditions...location, time of day, sunshine/cloudy, warm/cool, etc.   

From our research and development,  we have created the best control for Deer Flies, Marsh Flies, Sheep Flies, Yellow Flies, Sand Flies, May Flies, and Salt Marsh Greenheads.

Deerflies are also called Marsh flies, May flies, Sheep flies, Yellow Flies, and Salt Marsh Greenheads. 

In other countries they are called Klegs, Cleg Flies, Marchflies, Forestflies, Springflies, Gadflies, Paarma, Zimb, Tsaltsalya, and Seriut.


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