Greatree Archery Outrage w/Carbon Limbs, Take Down Recurve Bow

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Price: $299.95 Free Shipping!
Item Number: Greatree Archery Outrage w/Carbon Limbs T.D. Bow
Manufacturer: Greatree Archery


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3 years in the making, this brand new 2014 model "Outrage"  for Greatree Archery is their top of the line takedown. Extra attention to detail is paid during manufacturing to offer a bow that shoots as good as it looks.  The limbs feature a center core of multilayered high end carbon and is sandwiched by layers of maple then finished on both sides with clear fiberglass giving the limbs a natural wood appearance. The tips are finished with mycarta and allow the archer to use any type of synthetic string material with no chance of tip failure.  Dual pin alignment system for exact limb to riser positioning. A steel hex head bolt holds the limbs securely to the riser. This is the most comfortable I have ever felt on a recurve bow. Sure to fit just about anyones grip from girls to guys.  The arrow shelf is slightly crowned to reduce fletching contact. Window is cut to full centershot resulting is superb arrow flight. Several different exotic hardwoods are used in manufacturing and as you can see in the pictures are positioned for a very attractive look and superb strength. 

- 58” Model Available Weights: 35, 40, 45 or 50# / Brace heights : 7.5”

- 64” Model Available Weights: 40, 45, 50 or 55# / Brace heights : 8.25”

* Replacement Limbs are available as well - $189.95 Free Shipping!

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an immaculate bow from a wonderful company
joan stackpole (knoxville,tenn) 1/23/2015 6:21 AM
I do not know why I received what I did the first time around,but I chose to give Greatree a second chance...AND AM I GLAD I DID!!! the bow is flawless.the finest example of a production bow on the market today and well worth every has the sweetest draw I've ever experienced.the bow is beautiful;riser is super stable.remember to put the right number of twists in the string,and silencers are recommended.i would like to use this open forum to publicly apologize to Greatree for my abraisiveness.i am a senior citizen,this was my first on-line shopping experience,and I was very scared. but I will never hesitate to recommend a greatree product again!!so to the folks at Greatree: please forgive me.i am fully persuaded now.i have owned three other bows,one commercial,two custom. this bow beats all three put together!!thanks greatree,THANKS!!