How Can Bowfishing Reels Change a Person’s Perception of Archery?

It may seem like a strange question, but for those who have never experienced bowfishing it’s incredible how fun the sport can be. Simply adding a bowfishing reel to your bow, it can offer a completely different and incredibly addicting hunting experience. Perhaps this is the reason bowfishing continues to gain in popularity around the world. 

Admittedly, the sport of bowfishing is nothing new. In fact, primitive tribes have been using the bow and arrow to hunt fish for thousands of years. While the thrill of bow hunting fish from a boat is still the same, the bows and bowfishing reels of today have definitely evolved. From recurves to compounds today’s bows offer greater customization for each person’s preference.

When choosing bows or bowfishing reels it’s important to keep a few important considerations in mind. Unlike traditional bow hunting, where prey may be over 50 yards away, bowfishing targets are much closer. Fish are often right next to the shooter, sometimes only a few feet from the boat. As a result, draw weights on bowfishing bows are much lower.

When thinking about reels there are two primary styles to choose from the first is a traditional spincast reel that is modified for the heavier weight line bowfishing requires. The other style is a retriever reel that mounts to your bow riser. This style keeps your line in a bottle and offers less drag when reeling back in. Both bowfishing reels are easy to use and work well for recreational bowfishing in any environment.

Once you choose the perfect bow and reel combo for your bowfishing adventure it’s time for the fun to begin. While the experienced archer may think the idea of bowfishing will be like shooting fish in a barrel, they will quickly learn it is much harder. While the typical shooting distance is comparatively shorter, the added challenge of shooting through water makes up for it. Learning to aim at fish is part science and part luck. The angle of refraction changes depending on distance and depth so hitting your target is not as simple as it may seem.

Try bowfishing today and learn why so many archers are flocking to this exciting sport!