Modern Archers Enjoy the Many Benefits of a Takedown Recurve Bow

When it comes to choosing the right bow, there are many options out there for the archer to consider. Each style of bow offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For the archer who prefers a traditional style bow over a modern compound bow, the two choices are the longbow and the recurve bow. While both of these bows are traditionally made with a one piece construction, modern recurve bows are also designed with removable limbs. A takedown recurve bow, with its removable limbs is a versatile bow that offers many advantages for the modern archer.  


As an archer becomes more experienced, they may consider purchasing new bows to experiment with different sizes and draw weights. This is a natural part of exploring the sport of archery. It can take time to decide what you ideal configuration is. With a takedown recurve bow this process of exploration is more affordable than with other styles of bow, because the limbs can be replaced. Changing limbs allows the archer to alter the characteristics of the bow while maintaining a familiar hand feel.  


It’s no secret that traditional bows are very large. Without their size they could not generate the force needed to shoot as quickly and accurately. The primary disadvantage of this is portability. Larger bows can be difficult to travel with. If for example, you are backpacking with a recurve bow, it can be awkward to attach to your pack, but a takedown recurve bow can be disassembled and packed into the backpack. A Takedown recurve bow can also be packed into luggage if you are traveling for a competition or hunting trip.   


Many archers prefer takedown recurve bows for their added stability. Because takedown recurves are made with three separate pieces they tend to be a bit heavier than once piece recurves or longbows. This can be an advantage when shooting in a crosswind. Some of the riser designs on takedown recurve bows also accommodate an additional stabilizer for those seeing a rock solid shooting platform.   

No matter what style of takedown recurve bow you choose, the versatility of the design will ensure you enjoy shooting it for years to come. For questions about our recurve bows and takedown recurve bows contact our friendly staff. We will be glad to help you find the bow that’s right for you!