Muzzy "Practical Bowfishing" Book

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Price: $13.95
Item Number: Muzzy Practical Bowfishing Book
Manufacturer: Muzzy
Manufacturer Part No: 865

In this book expert bowfisherman William Hovey Smith explores every aspect of the challenging and exciting sport of bowfishing. In a step-by-step fashion, Smith guides the reader through the basics of bowfishing -- how to select equipment ranging from bows, arrows and fish points to tubs, spools and polarizing sunglasses. The author provides a wealth of information on topics such as how to rig a bowfishing boat, how to find and enter a bowfishing tournament, how to hunt various species whether freshwater species like carp, gar and catfish; saltwater quarry such as shark, mola mola and stingray; or aquatic monsters like alligator gar and paddlefish. Complete and authoritative, this comprehensive book covers every detail of the rapidly growing sport of bowfishing. Stoeger's Practical Bowfishing offers a wealth of vital information for both the expert or novice bow fisherman.

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