Neet "True Shot Coach"

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Price: $19.99
Item Number: Neet True Shot Coach
Manufacturer: Neet Products
Manufacturer Part No: tsc


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We have developed what we believe to be a simple but revolutionary new device called the True Shot Coach that will help archers of any level be more accurate.  The True Shot Coach will teach new archers how to properly grip their bow, while helping even the most advanced level archers eliminate human induced riser torque caused by grip variance.  By eliminating this riser torque, down range left and right groups are significantly tighter.

The tool can be used as a training aid, or it can be used full time when competing or hunting.  We have spent a lot of R&D time with the device which has shown incredible results with a variety of archers across the country.  Several archers have alerady won National level tournaments while using the prototype! 

Our new product is patent pending and it is being manufactured by Neet Manufacturing.  You can count on the highest standards in materials and manufacturing with our new product.

Reduce Torque!

Learn proper grip technique!

Decrease long range group size!                                                                    FITA & NFAA legal!!!

Increase effective hunting range!

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