QAD "Ultra-Nok XL" Nocking Loop

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Price: $19.95
Item Number: QAD Ultra-Nok XL Nocking Loop
Manufacturer: Quality Archery Designs
Manufacturer Part No: UNXLD

Unlike other metal nocking loops the Ultra-Nok will not "un-nock" your arrow, or dislodge the arrow at let down.  The Ultra-Nok also eliminates bowstring wear as well as align your peep sight.  In addition, the Ultra-Nok has FOUR - not two - anti-vibration screws to keep the ULTRA-NOK securely on your string without sliding, guaranteeing accuracy shot after shot.

Will not un-nock your arrow:  Other metal loops when twisted or accidentally bumped cause arrow to dislodge from rest or pop off string. 

Has 4 anti vibration screws:  Don’t settle for less. To maintain accuracy shot after shot, you need 4 screws with nylon patches eliminating nock point creep. 

Have many advantages over string loops:  The ULTRA-NOK is easy to install and adjusts for easy tuning.  It will not fray, stretch, wear-out, break or need replacing.  It is easy to locate, attach release aid to, and will not slip up or down on the string.

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